Mobile Impact Advertising (MIA) - We are a hard-working team who have hit the ground running supplying this new and innovative advertising medium that is guaranteed to enhance any promotional drive. We are a professional and friendly team, fully capable of managing your mobile ad campaign and helping you achieve the results you need.

As a prominent form of street media, MOBi’s - mobile billboards - deliver high-impact, attention-grabbing impressions for a very low cost per thousand when compared to other forms of mainstream media. If you have a specific budget to work with, we will be happy to put a proposal together that maximises your finances. 
We specialise in delivering hi-impact mobile advertising campaigns that reach out to audiences in an eye-catching, creative and environmentally friendly fashion. Our mobile billboards allow advertisers to reach high volume, targeted audiences in a manner which other traditional forms of media can only dream of!


Outdoor Advertising revenue has grown by 73% since 1998. Anyone who leaves the house is exposed to Outdoor Advertising - It is just there and it is free to the consumer. Outdoor Advertising is engaging and makes an impact, whilst other media can be unwanted.
People are out and about more, especially the younger and more affluent groups, hence more people are recognising Outdoor Advertising. With television audiences continuing to fragment under the onslaught of the new digital services, advertisers are increasingly using Outdoor Advertising to reach mass audiences quickly.
In 2008 Outdoor Advertising revenue reached £938.6m. Undoubtedly all media are in for difficult times currently, but the OAA believe that Outdoor Advertising “will continue to perform well in terms of share as it offers advertisers a wide range of targeted opportunities that provide great value and truly effective media solutions.”
Research data from the Outdoor Advertising Association shows*:
• 81% of all adults said they "noticed a lot of advertising when they were out of the house".
• 80% of all adults agreed that "posters make brands really stand out".
• 77% of all adults said posters "gave them something to look at when they were out and about".

*(All numbers and statistics are compiled by the Outdoor Advertising Association “OAA” and are available at www.oaa.org.uk.)

Recent studies prove Outdoor Advertising performs better than TV and better than Print. This is seen in terms of the revenue return on investment (ROI) it generates: For each £1.00 invested, Outdoor Advertising returns £1.44 in sales according to BrandScience (May 2009).

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